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Video – Stephanie Saland – “The Inner Workings of Dance…”

December 20th, 2009

In this video Stephanie is helping dancers understand how to relax and bring extra grace into their art.

Video – Stephanie Saland Part 1

December 1st, 2009

It's a Privilege Having Ms. Stephanie Saland as Special Guest Instructor Here at Northwest Dance Intensive.

As a principal dancer of the New York City Ballet, Stephanie performed leading roles with Baryshnikov in Balanchine’s Apollo, as Giselle with Alexander Godunov, and with Nureyev and Friends on Broadway. Stephanie is recognized worldwide as an exceptional dancer, teacher and mentor.

“...As a dancer, Stephanie Saland inhabited each role bringing to it a glowing life with every step, every gesture. To watch her was to understand what artistry is. As a teacher she is as unparalleled as she was in her dancing. Dance becomes understandable when touched by Stephanie. It also becomes magic.”
Elizabeth Kaye, Contributing Arts Editor, LA & NY Times

At last year's intensive we managed to capture some video clips of Stephanie working her magic with our students.

Here is the first of a series of short video clips showcasing a small part of Stephanie's amazing teaching repertoire.

I hope you enjoy.

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Warm Regards,

Jehrin Alexandria
Director, Northwest Dance Intensive

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    "Last year was my first year going to any dance intensive and I didn’t know what to expect. Northwest Dance Intensive helped me improve my flaws more than ever. Unfortunately I had injured my foot foot a couple weeks before the intensive. The teachers definitly did not let this stop me from getting the full experience at NDI. I learned more in 3 weeks than I could ever imagine, such as the correct way to hold my body and how to use my muscles and lines correctly to improve my dancing. My technique has been better than ever after taking class with Phillip and Jehrin. I have also learned from all of the teachers to be myself while i’m dancing and that it isn’t about the steps, but its about how you interpret the steps in your dancing. This is a life lesson I will cherish forever. They were so understanding of any problems or flaws anyone had. I made so many amazing friends and had a blast in the dorms as well. I cannot express how much I appreciate everyone there for making me a better dancer and a better person and i can not wait for next year!"
    Gracie Hassing
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