We certainly hope that the following information answers any questions you may have.  Of course, if you need help or can't find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us.

Question: I can't find the price of the workshop any where.  Where is it located?

Answer: Click on the Registration tab.

Question: How do I pay for the workshop?

Answer: Go to the Registration tab and click, scroll down to the section that says Payment Options.
Just follow the easy directions.   Checks are made payable to Northwest Dance Intensive.

Question:  What do I do if I don't have a Pay Pal account?

Answer: No problem, you do not need a Pay Pal account to pay through their web site.  You can use a credit card.  Go to the Registration tab and click, scroll down to the section that says Payment Options, and follow the easy the directions.
If you would feel more secure giving us your number over the phone we can do that as well, although we suggest using the secure Paypal payment option on our website.
Please call our office at 1-877-222-4609 or 360-489-8729 if you need help making a payment.

Question: I see you have some amazing teachers. But if I'm not in the top level will I still get to work with them?

Answer: Absolutely!  We want you to have the best experience possible this summer, and that includes working with every teacher listed on our faculty page.

Question: The workshop advertises a showcase. What if I don't get a part or only get one very small part in the back?

Answer: Every student in our workshop is guaranteed a part in the showcase at the end of the Intensive. We can't promise you'll be given a solo, but every student will be clearly visible. In fact, it's quite likely you'll be in several pieces.

Question: Why does it say that the workshop is at The Evergreen State College but the housing and meals are at St. Martin's University?  How will I get back and forth from housing to classes?

Answer: Students housing at St. Martin's University will be bused or car pooled daily to and from classes.  We will leave at 8:15am and return at 5:15pm to St. Martin's campus for dinner.  Sack lunches will be provided by St. Martin's University and staff will make sure that each student housed at St. Martin's receives their lunch at The Evergreen State College.

Question: Can I get corrections if I want them?  Or will there be too many dancers at your workshop for me to get individual attention?

Answer: We've designed our intensive so that every dancer who attends will receive personal attention from our experienced instructors.  We'll be there to make corrections, answer questions, and help you develop a plan of action to help your realize your full potential.

Question: What if I just don't understand what the teacher wants from me?  It can be so frustrating!

Answer: We've chosen our instructors because they love to teach.  They've all had the experience of "not getting it", and have committed themselves to finding new and better ways to teach dance.  That way,  learning dance can be fun, and you can make the fastest possible progress.

Question: What if I want to improve as much as I can this summer?  Wouldn't it be better to go to an intensive that lasts more than 2 or 3 weeks?

Answer: You've probably heard the expression "practice makes perfect".  But guess what - it's not always true.  It's much more accurate to say that "perfect practice makes perfect".   So if you really want to get better parts, long hours of practice won't make it happen - unless you're practicing correctly.

And our instructors will make sure that you are doing just that.

You can get 2-3 weeks of exceptional dance training and this will give you a big head start for fall.

Question: If I'm not as good as some of the other dancers, will I be stuck in the back of the class?

Answer: Of course not!  Our teachers will ask their students to change places from time to time, so no one is left in the shadows.

Question: I looked at your schedule and the days look longer than I am used to dancing.  What if I can't keep up?

Answer: While we recommend dancing as much as possible prior to attending our intensive to help build your endurance, your days are carefully scheduled to include plenty of rest breaks.  And some of your lessons will be less physically demanding than others, since you'll also be spending time learning self-care for dancers, as well as alternative flexibility and conditioning techniques such as the Beamish Bodymind Balancing Technique.

Question: Can I come with a friend?  Will I see her if we are in different levels?

Answer: Sure!  All levels will have the same breaks and eating schedule. You can also request to room together.

Question: I've been to summer intensives at college campuses before and the food available just makes you fat - pizza, ice-cream, nothing healthy.  What kind of food will you have?

Answer: We have worked together with the dining services at St Martins University to make sure that you'll be getting food that's right for dancers. Plenty of vegetables and fruit, lean proteins and whole grains will be available.   Much of their food is organic and locally grown.  Of course, if you're not so concerned about diet, there will be plenty of treats available.

Question: My parents are concerned about me going away.  How safe is it for me to come to your intensive?

Answer: The Northwest Dance Intensive is held at The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA.  Students stay in the studio for the day.  There is 24 hour Police Security on duty at the College as well as Campus Security Officers. At lunch student eat in our courtyard or at the cafeteria on campus, under supervision.

We have office helpers as well as dorm mom's 24/7 on site.

Housing is at St. Martin's University and students are in a dorm that has it's own community room for our students only.  The grounds are safe and are patrolled by police officers as well as campus security.  They are on duty 24/7.  There are also emergency call boxes in the dorms and outside.

Our House Moms are carefully selected, screened, and may be a parent of dancers or former or current dancers themselves. The city of Lacey, where our housing is, is a very quiet and secure location with very little crime.  The Evergreen State College campus is also very secure and has a very low incidence of crime.

Question:  When should I arrive?

Answer:  We suggest you arrive the day before.  Registration will be held for housing students from 3-7pm on Sunday, July 10th at St. Martins University.  Commuting students may check in there as well or between 8:30-8:45am July 11th at The Evergreen State College.

Question: How do I get to the workshop from the airport?

Answer:   We recommend using Capital Airporter shuttle.  Seats on the Capitol Airporter Shuttle should be reserved at the same time that you buy your flight.  You can click the link above or call 1 800.962.3579
You will want to allow yourself one hour and fourty-five minutes to arrive at the college from the time you leave the airport, if you are taking the airport shuttle.

Question: What if my plane arrives after the workshop starts?

Answer: This is not a problem, notify us of your plane schedule and we will be sure to have someone ready to register you and help you get settled before attending classes.

Question: What if I get injured?

Answer: First of all, many injuries can be prevented by training correctly.  But if you do have a problem, you'll be in great hands - our on-site physical therapist will help you get back dancing, healthy and strong, as soon as possible.

Question: My friend went to camp and came back really improved. I went there the next summer and didn't improve nearly as much. How do I know that I'll be the one improving this summer?

Answer: The faculty at Northwest Dance Intensive will give you all the tools you need to rapidly gain strength, flexibility, and artistry.  In addition to training in classical ballet, they've also studied from the most innovative movement teachers on the planet (please read our faculty page for more info).  If you apply what you learn, we're sure you'll be very happy with your progress.

  • Testimonials

    "Last year was my first year going to any dance intensive and I didn’t know what to expect. Northwest Dance Intensive helped me improve my flaws more than ever. Unfortunately I had injured my foot foot a couple weeks before the intensive. The teachers definitly did not let this stop me from getting the full experience at NDI. I learned more in 3 weeks than I could ever imagine, such as the correct way to hold my body and how to use my muscles and lines correctly to improve my dancing. My technique has been better than ever after taking class with Phillip and Jehrin. I have also learned from all of the teachers to be myself while i’m dancing and that it isn’t about the steps, but its about how you interpret the steps in your dancing. This is a life lesson I will cherish forever. They were so understanding of any problems or flaws anyone had. I made so many amazing friends and had a blast in the dorms as well. I cannot express how much I appreciate everyone there for making me a better dancer and a better person and i can not wait for next year!"
    Gracie Hassing
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