Meals & Housing


July 10-July 28, 2017


Three meals a day are provided at the Northwest Dance Intensive for students housing on campus at  St. Martin's University. Meals are served in the campus cafeteria. A special menu designed for active young dancers will be provided. Buffet style meals will include fresh fruits and vegetables, healthful whole grains, and lean proteins.  Lunches will be a sack lunch prepared by the cafeteria.

Breakfast is daily at 8:00, lunch 12:00, and dinner 5:30.

For Students Not Housing but desiring a Meal Plan

Students not housing have the opportunity to buy a meal plan.  This plan includes lunch.  We encourage you to consider purchasing these meals for your child so that we may ensure all dancers are receiving adequate nutrition throughout the Intensive and also to further camaraderie between Commuters and Boarders.  Please contact us if you are interested in this option.


The students will be housing at  St. Martin's University in Lacey, Wa.  They will be bused daily to classes at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.  For driving directions, a tour of the campus, and more click here for The Evergreen State College and click here for St. Martin's University.

The cost of housing and food is $1625.00. If you do not require housing and wish to be considered a Commuter student, please indicate that with your registration and deposit.

A dorm mother will be assigned to each group of 12 students. Students will be allowed to go about the campus in groups of 2 or 3 depending on age. Students will not be allowed to roam the campus in groups or alone under any circumstances without a dorm mother present after 9pm.

Students will share a room with another student of the same sex, or for an additional fee of $400 they may request a single room. If the single room is not available, this additional fee will be refunded. Roommate requests will be taken into consideration, but cannot be guaranteed.  Students must bring their own linens and bedding (see specific instructions in June Letter).


There is 24 hour Police security on both campuses 7 days a week.

For safety and security reasons boarding students will not be allowed off campus for any reason during the intensive, with the exception of the approved Group Field Trip. In case of medical emergency which cannot be handled by our on-site staff, students will be transported to local area hospitals.


Guests wishing to arrive early or accompany dancers to the first day of the intensive may book rooms at nearby area hotels.


  • Testimonials

    "Last year was my first year going to any dance intensive and I didn’t know what to expect. Northwest Dance Intensive helped me improve my flaws more than ever. Unfortunately I had injured my foot foot a couple weeks before the intensive. The teachers definitly did not let this stop me from getting the full experience at NDI. I learned more in 3 weeks than I could ever imagine, such as the correct way to hold my body and how to use my muscles and lines correctly to improve my dancing. My technique has been better than ever after taking class with Phillip and Jehrin. I have also learned from all of the teachers to be myself while i’m dancing and that it isn’t about the steps, but its about how you interpret the steps in your dancing. This is a life lesson I will cherish forever. They were so understanding of any problems or flaws anyone had. I made so many amazing friends and had a blast in the dorms as well. I cannot express how much I appreciate everyone there for making me a better dancer and a better person and i can not wait for next year!"
    Gracie Hassing
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