2025 Northwest Dance Intensive
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Every year dancers of all ages come to Northwest Dance Intensive in order to elevate and enhance their technique under the careful eye of some of the top ballet instructors on the planet.


NDI Summer Intensive

July 1st - 12th, 2024

2 week program!

"Jehrin navigates the intricate internal connections of the dancer’s body with exceptional clarity. In her classes, guided repetition of imagery and thoughtful floor and standing exercises lead her students to improved alignment and movement efficiency. Repetition of these activities lay down pathways that the students can later follow on their own. Through her teaching, Jehrin makes intelligible and physically attainable the nuances of classical technique that would would otherwise be mysterious and frustrating to a dancer in training. I have seen the process and outcomes firsthand in the two summers I have traveled to study at her summer intensive. Her students progress rapidly and avoid (and even heal from) injuries that are common elsewhere."

Jason Schadt, M.F.A.

“The Northwest Dance Intensive was an incredible experience for me. It was the first intensive I had ever done seeing as how I’ve only been dancing about two years so I was nervous at first but it turned out to be an experience I will never forget. There was such high caliber in the training I received and in the choreography I learned. I learned a new, healthier technique that I hope to use in my own studio. I lived in the dorms and that added so much to the experience- meeting other dancers and creating friendships that will last a lifetime. I still can’t believe how much stronger my feet look and feel after the intensive. I gained new muscle tone in places that I had never realised were useful for dancers. If you are looking for an intensive with amazing teachers who really care about you, this one is perfect!”

Nicole G., Student

“I would encourage all dancers to consider attending Northwest Dance Intensive. Each of the faculty not only has world class teaching credentials, but also a passion for this art that drives excellence and creates magic. I left in great shape, with technique I didn’t plan on achieving. To study with this faculty, to train with dancers from all over the world, to make so many friends and have so much fun while working so hard was an experience of a lifetime.Much gratitude to the entire administration and to Jehrin Alexandria, who literally moved mountains to arrange this incredible experience.”

Suzette Madson, PT/Student

“I came to the Northwest Dance Intensive to experience and learn new things, to have different instructors and to open my eyes about ballet. I got all of this at the Northwest Dance Intensive. I liked how there was a variety of dance classes there, it was really fun. When Gelsey Kirkland came and taught class it was so amazing. To be able to study with someone who knows all about the world of ballet was such a treat. She is one of the most amazing dancers I have ever seen. It was such a good experience and I learned so much. This was a good first time experience for me and I’ve improved a lot in how I perform and present my self as a result. I can’t think of a thing to do that would improve anything at the intensive – it was just wonderful.”

Lillian A., Student

The Late Philip Beamish, Consultant/ Creator of Beamish BodyMind Balancing™

  • Ballet coach to dance greats, Alessandra Ferri, Evelyn Hart, Roberto Bolle and others

  • Former ballet master of Teatro Cologne, Royal Winnipeg, La Scala

  • Northwest Dance Intensive is the only registered school in the US that offers this unique dance technique.

Modern equipment

Our studios have state of the art Rosco flooring.

Supportive Environment

Students are treated with respect and support at whatever level of dance they are at.

Enthusiasm teaching

Our teachers bring years of experience in their specific fields of dance. They help students to reach their maximum potential.


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