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Every year dancers of all ages come to Northwest Dance Intensive in order to elevate and enhance their technique under the careful eye of some of the top ballet instructors on the planet.

While our instructors have had successful careers with companies like ABT, PNB, NYCB, and La Scala, what sets them apart is that they are now sought-after coaches for principal dancers and leading companies, as well as judges on world-renowned ballet competition panels. Being a great dancer does not guarantee being a great teacher. At Northwest Dance Intensive our teachers care deeply about creating the best possible learning experience for the young minds and bodies that we will host for the summer. We create an environment that will nurture, foster and challenge them creatively and emotionally. We also incorporate the most up-to-date information in sports medicine as it applies to dancers, as well as advances in ballet technique, in order to allow them to dance smart and injury-free.

Don’t miss this extraordinary chance to study with one of the most extraordinary techniques of our time, the Beamish BodyMind Balancing® Technique!

How would you like to be trained by the same techniques that are sought out by many of the world’s best dancers? If your answer is you would, now’s your chance!

Alessandra Ferri has this to say about Philip – “Philip Beamish is a wonderful teacher and coach, I am very grateful for having been under his careful eye for many years”.

In fact, Ms. Ferri was written up by The Guardian for her performance in Woolf Works at the Royal Opera House in London.

“Certainly, the most talked-about performance at Royal Ballet this season was given not by any whiz-kid virtuoso, but by 52-year-old Alessandra Ferri.”

Ms. Ferri’s ability to keep dancing and remain healthy comes from her basic foundation in plain old good technique. Thanks to Mr. Beamish she has been able to utilize his fabulous system to support this.

We are proud to be the only official summer intensive certified to teach his technique, the Beamish BodyMind Balancing® technique.

Philip was a soloist with Italy’s foremost ballet company, Atterballeto, and toured internationally with La Scala Opera House as Ballet Master for 13 years. Subsequently he was Ballet Master to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet (from 2001 – 2005) and was ballet coach to many of ballet’s biggest stars, as well as his last appointment before passing was Ballet Master and rehearsal coach for Ballet del Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Philip’s passion to help dancers rapidly improve their technique and simultaneously prevent or recover from injuries led him to develop Beamish BodyMind Balancing®. This remarkable training is not just for accomplished dancers – it has proven to be an invaluable aid for helping students of all levels reach their highest potential. At Northwest Dance Intensive we have found that his work allows our students to achieve extraordinary improvement in all facets of ballet over the 2 weeks they spend with us. They leave us with a “tool kit” for self maintenance and self correction. We are the only summer intensive in the US authorized to teach this method!

Please check out our faculty page for more detailed information on all the members of our amazing dance faculty.

If you are a highly motivated ballet dancer that’s ready to make a quantum leap in your flexibility, pointe work, extensions, turns, and musicality, this year’s intensive could be the turning point in your development.

Remember …

Every summer, many young dancers return home from different summer intensives. Most of them continue landing the same roles in the corps de ballet. A few others … become principal ballerinas.

So what makes the difference? It’s not just hard work and talent. Most dancers work hard – and many talented dancers don’t get the breaks they deserve.

But there is one thing that all great dancers have in common – they can point to the amazing teachers who inspired them to reach their full potential and showed them how to break away from the crowd. This years group of amazing teachers is sure to do that!

It’s Really Quite Simple – When Two Dancers With Equal Talent Compete For a Part – It’s The Dancer With The Best Training That Gets It!

That’s why we’re so proud to offer our students personalized instruction from legendary teachers and performers. In past intensives, our instructors have included prima ballerinas such as Gelsey Kirkland, Susan Jaffe, Paloma Herrera, and Stephanie Saland. They know what it takes to dance with the likes of Baryshnikov, Nureyev, and Godunov… and they’ve passed that knowledge on to our students.

In fact, as a direct result of attending past intensives, some of our students have been chosen to dance with American Ballet Theater and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater!

Northwest Dance Intensive
Prepares You for a Healthy and Long Dance Career

You’ll be immersed in the finest technique and artistic training available anywhere.

With an international faculty from three different schools of ballet – ABT, NYCB, and Vaganova – the secrets of effortless turns, higher extensions, precision placement, choreography, and much more will be revealed to you during this summer intensive.

Don’t Miss This Rare Opportunity…

The Northwest Dance Intensive is the ONLY opportunity to study the Beamish BodyMind Balancing® technique in the United States and this summer with one of the co-creators and director, Jehrin Alexandria. Since 2010 and up to his passing in 2018, Jehrin Alexandria worked side by side with Philip Beamish helping to put his work into a system that any dancer can access. Now the process so many great dancers were coached privately in is available to the public through this unique training.

And unlike many summer intensives, we limit our class size, giving you the personal attention you need to take your dancing to the next level.

If you’re still deciding where you want to go this summer, please explore this website.

While we haven’t finalized all the details for this year’s Intensive, you can get an idea of what to expect by checking out the details from last year. You can learn about our world-class ballet faculty, our audition schedule, the classes of study we offer, the housing and accommodation options, and more.

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Video footage of our Past Guest Teachers with Northwest Dance Intensive

2014 Paloma Herrera:

2010 Susan Jaffe:

2009 Gelsey Kirkland: