Be Your Best

There are ways to improve far more rapidly than most dancers can imagine. Simple yet absolutely critical techniques that lay the foundation for rapid improvement. Once these are in place, your technique is secure and the artistry and musicality naturally flow.

Everyone at Northwest Dance Intensive is absolutely committed to bringing these techniques to you – So that you can move to the next level … and experience a whole new world of artistic expression.

The faculty we’ve chosen for our intensive are among the best and have been through it all: they’ve danced on the biggest stages, performed with the biggest stars, and choreographed for the best companies.

But more importantly for you, they’ve learned from the best teachers of our time.

And now it’s your turn. Our instructors are not just great dancers, they are great teachers, and are eager to pass on the legacy. They are 100% committed to helping young dancers achieve their dreams.

A word of caution – the three weeks you spend at the Northwest Dance Intensive will change the way you dance. And the way you think about dance. It will be hard work and a great and positive challenge.

Of course, we’ll have lots of fun. After all, who wants to dance if you can’t enjoy yourself!

But we are going to assume that you are coming to our intensive ready and willing to polish your skills. This is your time to achieve more in 2 weeks than you ever thought possible!

Our instructors know just what it takes to be the best. They’ve done it themselves, and succeeded in a dance world where the odds against “making it” are high.

And we make you this promise… we’ll work our hearts out to give you everything you need to achieve your dreams.