Beamish Bodymind Balancing Technique™

Philip Beamish is the originator and creator of the Beamish Bodymind Balancing Technique™.
This technique is the product of many years of investigation into the relationship between the mind, the body, and energy flow. It incorporates various aspects of acupressure, Do In (a Chinese massage and exercise technique), yoga, meditation, kinesiology, and osteopathy, in order to align the body and focus the mind to obtain maximum results while eliminating unnecessary tensions. This can then be applied to any type of physical activity, although it is primarily oriented to classical ballet technique.
Beamish BodyMind Balancing® is based on the premise that what we give, we always get back. Many dancers put in a huge amount of effort and get minimal results. The techniques Beamish developed allows “maximum return on investment” – hard work is rewarded with great improvement, less tension and greater control.
The exercises enable dancers to reshape their bodies and calm and focus their minds, with spectacular results on and off stage. The technique is a tool to maintain a healthy, youthful body, a focused mind, a balanced emotional state, and avoid chronic injuries. It also promotes self-esteem, and prolongs the ability not only to dance longer, but to live a richer and more satisfying life.
Some of the unique aspects of the BBB include the physical-mental concept of the connection of the energy centers, and the origin of the movement. It trains the body to initiate the movement from within, radiating outward and returning in a circular pattern, together with creating awareness of the balancing and alignment of the skeletal system.
An adjunct to these concepts is the use of visualization: for example, where the movement is initiated and directed, and the “feeling” of seeing oneself from behind. The use of the scapulae, sacrum, sitz bones, and backs of the legs, knees and heels is fundamental for correct rotation (turnout) which together with the anchoring of the weight into the ground, creates the effect of “pull-up”, an often very misunderstood concept. The law of duality: “To go up, you push down…” “To go to the right, you resist to the left…” All this originates in the floor exercises. The constant connections, and isometric pressure horizontally in opposing directions into the floor, now converts into a vertical vocabulary. Connecting through the body and into the floor, eliminating unnecessary tension, creates “flow” – necessary for controlled turnout, and easy, strong movement and line, both on the ground and in the air.
None of this is possible without emphasis on breathing and relaxation. As in any highly trained activity, such as singing, tennis, or the martial arts, a good technique is a relaxed technique. Dance is no exception. In order to allow the energy flow through the body, feel one’s muscles, and reach the sufficient speed sometimes required, the dancer must be a relaxed vehicle. This is a facilitator to the most crucial facet of dance, the music, to actually hear, and absorb, the music and its often complex rhythms into the muscles and brain, something often “shut out” through “tension training.”
The BBB trains the dancer in a wholistic fashion. Through the connection of the bones, music, and constant isometric pressure, the dancer learns to target and use only essential muscles and work at the maximum in the most efficient manner possible, resulting in apparently effortless technique, strength and flexibility. The opposite to the old “no pain, no gain” theory.
About Philip Beamish:

Philip BeamishA former soloist with Atterballeto, Beamish danced all over Europe with many major ballet companies and he toured extensively internationally with La Scala Opera House. He was Alessandra Ferri’s personal trainer and coach for thirteen years until her retirement in 2007. He traveled with her working with her partners in class and rehearsals for her major roles.

Other major stars who have requested Beamish’s training include Evelyn Hart, Maximilian Guerra, Tamara Rojo, Manuel José Carre?o, Robert Tewsley, Roberto Bolle, and Polina Semionova.

His proteges won medals at the major competitions: Varna, Helsinki, Jackson, and Lausanne.

Among the companies with which Beamish has been associated with are La Scala Ballet, English National Ballet, NDT, Ballet de Nancy, Finnish National Ballet, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada, The National Ballet of Canada, Compañía Nacional de México and Teatro Colón in Argentina.

In 2018 Beamish passed and his work continued on. He left a legacy of teaching techniques that are held by a group of teachers that studied with him the last 10 years of his life.. The year before his passing, Philip Beamish and Jehrin Alexandria worked on creating a training course in the Beamish Bodymind Balancing Technique™. It launched the summer of 2018 and continues to this day. It offers the techniques Beamish created and spent a lifetime crafting to help dancers and teachers to achieve a stress free, injury free and healthy dance life.


-Kathleen Gorham School (Melbourne, Australia)
-John O’Brien (London)
-Robert Bestonso (Paris)
-Eugenio Poliakov (Italy)
-Maggie Black (New York)
-Finis Jhung (New York)
-Stanley Williams (New York)
-Wilhelm Burmann (New York)

Performing Experience

-Aterballetto (Italy)
-Teatro alla Scala (Italy)
-Teatro Communale, Firenze (Italy)
-Zurich Ballet (Switzerland)
-Ballet Theatre Contemporain D’Angers (France)
-Scapino Ballet (Amsterdam)
-Carla Fracci Company (Italy)
-Living Dance Theatre Jazz Company (Italy)

Director Teacher Designer

2015 – 2018 Teatro Colón, Guest Teacher
2001 – 2005 Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Canada, Official Ballet Master
1992 – 1994 Compañía Danza Nueva, Mexico City
1990 – 1992 Co-Director of Contemporay Dance Company of the University of Guadalajara
1990 Festival ballet de Guanajuato Mexico- Giselle Ballet Concierto de Equador

Teacher & Regisseur

2007 – summer
Farewell Tour of Alessandra Ferri, Italy
Stars: Alessandra Ferri & Roberto Bolle, Silvia Azzoni & Alexander Riabko, Irina Dvorovenko & Maxim Beloserkovsky, Natalia Kalinitchenko & Alen Bottaini, Alicia Amatriain & Robert Tewsley

2007 – summer
Farewell Tour of Alessandra Ferri, Japan
Stars: Alessandra Ferri & Roberto Bolle, Silvia Azzoni & Alexander Riabko, Paloma Herrera & Jose Manuel Carreño, Julie Kent & Marcelo Gomez, Alicia Amatriain & Robert Tewsley

Ballet Master & Coach

-Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Canada
-Teatro alla Scala Milano
-Finnish National Ballet
-Teatro Communale, Firenze
-National Classical Dance Company of Mexico
-Ballet de Monterrey de Ann Marie D’Angelo
-Ballet Neoclassico America Latina, Mexico
-Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires

Guest & Master Classes

-Teatro Alla Scala Milano
-English National Ballet- Dir. Derek Deane
-Netherlands Dance Theatre, Holland
-Teatro San Carlo, Naples
-Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
-Ballet de L’Opera de Bordeaux- Dir. Charles Judo
-Ballet de Nancy- Dir. Pierre Lacotte
-Stuttgart Ballet (Germany)
-Australian Ballet
-Julio Bocca’s Ballet Argentino
-National Ballet of Canada
-Introdans (The Netherlands)
-Maximiliano Guerra’s Ballet del Mercosur
-Ballet de Monterrey
-Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre (California USA)
-Ballet School of Zurich Opera House
-Antares Modern Dance Company (Hermosillio, Mexico)
-Ballet de Guadalajara (Mexico)
-Corso di Perfezionamento Aterballetto, Reggio Emilia (Italy) 1995, 1996, 1997
-International Ballet Competition Helsinki 1995
-Pacific Regional Dance Festival 1994 (Bremerton, Washington USA)
-Pacific Regional Dance Festival 1992 (Boise, Idaho USA)
-International Ballet Competition 1990 (Jackson, Miss. USA)
-Pacific Northwest Ballet Center (Seattle, Washington USA)
-Dance Department of the University of Arizona (Tucson AZ, USA)
-Summer Course Point au Pitre (Guadalupe)
-International Summer Dance Course (Brasilia, Brazil)
-Mantis Dance Company (London)
-Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico: Choreographic Workshop de Gloria Contreras
-National Ballet Theatre School (Melbourne, Australia)
-Jazzmex Company (Mexico City)
-National Academy of Dance (Coyoacan, Mexico)
-Los Tallares de Coyoacan (Mexico)
-Summer Workshop (Merida, Yucatan, Mexico)
-Ballet Folklorica de Amalia Hernandez (Mexico City)
-California Dance Center (Milan, Italy)
-Northwest Dance Intensive 2010-2016 (Olympia, WA, USA)
-Jovem Ballet de Santa Catarina, (Florianópolis, Brazil)
-Bolshoi Theatre School, (Joinville, Brazil)
-Seminário Internacional de Dança de Brasilia

Special Mention

Teacher and Coach of the following Étoiles:

-Alessandra Ferri
Private teacher and coach 1996 – 2007

-Evelyn Hart
Private classes and coaching 2000 – 2005

-Maximilliano Guerra
Private classes and coaching

-Jose Manuel Carreño
Private classes and coaching

-Robert Tewsley
Private classes and coaching

-Roberto Bolle
Private classes and coaching

-Barbara Kohoutkova
Private classes and coaching ( first Giselle, La Scala Ballet, Tokyo)

-Alina Cojocaru
Private classes

-Johann Kobburg
Private classes

-Anastasia Volochkova
Private classes

-Tamara Rojo
Private classes

Coaching Awards

-Laura Morelos
Ballerina of the Year Award (Mexico City) Artist with English National Ballet. Partnered by Maximilliano Guerra and Julio Bocca.

-Fernando Mora
Winner of the Grand Jury Prix, Paris International Ballet Competition 1992

-Sandra Barcenas
Finalist in Helsinki International Ballet Competition 1995

-Igor Martinez
Member of Royal Danish Ballet – National Ballet of Mexico


Fluent in: English - Italian - Spanish - French Knowledge of: Portuguese - German

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