Barbara Rey

Graduated in classical ballet in Buenos Aires, by the first dancer of the Teatro Colón, Lílian de Sala (Argentina), and later with the master Philip Beamish (Australia / Mexico). Throughout her career sshe sought to improve with great masters and choreographers from the national and international dance scene. She acted as the first dancer at Voga Cia. De Dança (Brazil) and Assistant Director.

Acting as a ballerina, choreographer and ballet instructor, from an early age she dedicated herself to the development of methodology for teaching ballet and perfecting techniques for professional and non-professional students. For 20 years applying the Beamish BodyMind Balancing ® technique for which it is certified.

As artistic director of the Albertina Ganzo Dance School from 1999 to 2003, she managed to form the institution’s ballet body, which from 2004 onwards transformed it into Young Ballet of Santa Catarina, a professional project for young dancers that she directs until today. As part of the institution, she has choreographed, directed or co-produced more than 30 shows.

She works as a guest teacher in courses and companies such as Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Cia Deborah Colker, Maximiliano Guerra Foundation and Ballet del Mercosur in Buenos Aires. In addition to being a juror and giving courses at festivals and dance events such as Festival Passo de Arte / SP; Bento em Dança Festival / RS; Joinville Dance Festival / SC; Desterro / SC Award; Summer seminar at the University of the Arts, Puerto Vallarta / Mexico, Yanza, Asunción / Paraguay; Sur La Pointe Assunção / Paraguay Course; Gran Gala Danza Competition, Santiago / Chile, and several festivals in Santa Catarina.She also participated in the international festival in Varna, International Ballet Competition 2016, as a coach for the dancers representing the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She works independently with production and direction of shows and includes choreographies for opera and cinema.