Aurelia Baumgartner

Aurelia Baumgartner is a ‘philosophizing dancer and dancing philosopher’.

She studied philosophy, theater and literature at the LMU University of Munich (Master of Arts), and had her formation as a professional dancer and dance teacher at ‘Iwanson International’.

During her studies she worked at WDR television station “Philosophy Today” in Köln.

Since 1999 she studies Flamenco in the cradle of the Flamenco dance, Jerez de la Frontera, and was formed as a Flamenco dancer and teacher by Antonio Canales, Rafaela Carrasco, Rocio Coral, Manuel Linan, Joaquin Grillo, Maria del Mar Moreno and others.

In addition, since 2001 she studies Pa-kua (Martial Arts, Taiji, Yoga), Asian Body and Mind Techniques. She reached the mastery as III. Black belt in Martial Arts and Cosmodynamics, and is teacher in the disciplines Sintony (Chinese Yoga), Pa-kua Rhythm, Pa-kua Energy and Taiji Yang Style.

Since 2001 she is head of the School of Contemporary Dance in Berg (near Munich).

2004 she founded the Aureliana Contemporary Dance Project and started to produce full-length dance and video performances, to be broadcasted in Europe and abroad.

2007-2009 she was solo dancer at Sol y Sombra and 2010/11 dancer in Richard Siegels ‘Co-Pirates’.

Inspired by her work as a dancer, choreographer and philosopher she is developing ‘body-thinking’, a pre-semiotic access on grasping the world, in which relations created out of movement are world structuring and world creating.

‘Body-thinking’ means the impulse to thematise the body as a comprehensive, emphatic mode of feeling, perceiving, moving, thinking—as a thinking-in-motion with enhanced perception, and its structure is a frottage, an open creative process in the transversal of differences. ‘Body-thinking’ can be experienced in the art of performance, as well as in other modes of interacting with the world.

Aurelia is developing a specific training method, in which body-thinking is at work and can be experienced.