Philip Beamish

The Late Philip Beamish was a Consultant/Creator of Beamish BodyMind Balancing™, Classical Ballet Technique/Ballet Coach, Personal Coach to Allesandra Ferri (ABT), Evelyn Hart (Royal Winnipeg Ballet), Ballet Master and Rehearsal Coach, Teatro Colon and others

Philip Beamish danced as a soloist with Atterballeto, Italy’s foremost ballet company. He has danced all over Europe with many major ballet companies, and toured extensively internationally with La Scala Opera House.

For the last 13 years of her career, until her retirement in 2007, Philip was Alessandra Ferri’s personal trainer and coach. He travelled with her all over the world, working constantly with her and all her partners in class and rehearsals for all her major roles.

Other major stars who have solicited Beamish’s training include Evelyn Hart, Maximilian Guerra, Tamara Rojo, Manuel José Carreño, Robert Tewsley, Roberto Bolle, and Polina Semionova. His protégés have won medals at the major competitions: Varna, Helsinki, Jackson, and Lausanne.

Among the companies with which Beamish has been associated are: La Scala Ballet, English National Ballet, Netherlands Dance Theatre, Ballet de Nancy, Finnish National Ballet, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada and Companía Nacional de Mexico.

The Beamish Bodymind Balancing® technique was created to train all levels of dancers. It is the product of many years of investigation into the relation between the mind, the body, and energy flow. The end result is that dancers are able to align the body and focus the mind to obtain maximum results while eliminating unnecessary tensions.

The exercises Philip had developed enable dancers to reshape their bodies, calm and focus their minds, with spectacular results on and off stage. The technique is a tool to maintain a healthy, youthful body, a focused mind, a balanced emotional state, and avoid chronic injuries. It also promotes self-esteem, and prolongs the ability not only to dance longer, but to live a richer and more satisfying life.