Vincenzo Lapertosa

Guest Consultant for Contemporary Ballet, Choreography, Acting, Beamish BodyMind Balancing™

The Italian artist Vincenzo Lapertosa is a professional Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer and Actor. He obtained his Degree in Dance at the National Academy of Ballet in Rome and graduated with a degree in Choreography. His award winning Choreography piece “The Clown” was highly praised as a choreographic masterpiece.

Mr. Lapertosa trained in Ballet with Maestro Philip Beamish, Nina Trofimova, Madame Darvash, Inna Zubcowskaya (Russia), and Dance Contemporary with Peter Goss (Paris). He has danced as a Soloist for, Birgit Cullberg, Milan Ballet, Aureliana Dance Company, Gartnerplatz Theatre as well as other companies and International Festivals. In addition he has been a guest choreographer throughout Europe and is praised for his originality and his unique use of music in theater. He has collaborated with Choreographer Aurelia Baumgartner.

Mr. Lapertosa has been Ballet Master for Piccinni Ballet (Italy), Ulm Staatteather (Germany), Aureliana Dance Company (German ). He has acted in the Film ” Appassionate” 1999, and in the Venice Film Festival.

At present Mr Lapertosa guest teaches ballet in Munich, Germany, and runs a studio in Alberobello, Italy. He is interested in Butoh and Philosophy dance. He holds a degree in Philosophy.