Teacher’s Workshop

Teachers Summer Technique Workshop

July 1st – 12th, 2024
(No class on July 4th)

2 Week Teachers Workshop
Fee: $695.00 US

In-person, daily classes in the Beamish BodyMind Balancing® Technique (classical ballet class)

July 1st – 5th  1:30pm-4:00pm
July 8th – 12th  9:30am-12:15pm
Q and A with Teachers July 5th and July 9th at 12:30pm

  • $695 for non-certification
  • $1100 for Beamish Bodymind Balancing Certification –
  • Payments must be paid in full upon registration. Send payments in US funds payable to Northwest Dance Intensive or NDI.
  • Paypal, credit card via PayPal, personal checks, and money orders are accepted. For PayPal please email the  sender’s name and registrant’s name (if different) and a copy of your receipt to: info@northwestdanceintensive.com

    To pay by phone please call 360-489-8729.

  • For registration please email your name, address, and phone number; include how many years of dance training and teaching, and where you teach currently. Send to: info@northwestdanceintensive.com
  • Any questions please call (360) 489-8729

This Teacher’s Workshop is offered in conjunction with the Northwest Dance Intensive. Participants will have a chance to observe and/or participate in the exercises that form the foundation of the Beamish BodyMind Balancing® technique.

You’ll discover how to use this innovative method to produce remarkable results for dancers of all levels. We guarantee you will not have seen this material before!

After each session there will be a question and answer session with instructors of the Beamish BodyMind Balancing Technique.

Participation in the exercise portion of the class is not mandatory. However, since the work is quite gentle, it is quite possible to participate even if you haven’t danced or exercised for years. Philip’s work “meets a person where they are at”.

This is a non-certificated course. If you are interested in become certified to teach BBB please click here for more information.

Video of Past Teachers Workshop at NDI

Optimizing Turnout, Flexibility and Connections in Dance:

For the Dance Instructor, Advanced Dancer, Pilates Instructor and Dance Medicine/Science Professional. The Beamish Bodymind Balancing® technique was created by Philip Beamish to train all levels of dancers. It is the product of many years of investigation into the relationship between the mind, the body, and energy flow. It incorporates various aspects of acupressure, Do-In (a Chinese massage and exercise technique), yoga, meditation, kinesiology, and osteopathy, in order to align the body and focus the mind to obtain maximum results while eliminating unnecessary tensions. This can then be applied to any type of physical activity, although it is primarily orientated to classical ballet technique.

Beamish Bodymind Balancing is based on the premise that what we give, we always get back. Philip says: “If you respect the laws of movement, and treat your body gently and with intelligence, then, through dance, you will get back what you put in.” In other words, many dancers put a in a huge amount of effort and get minimal results. The techniques Philip has developed allow “maximum return on investment” – hard work is rewarded with great improvement.

The exercises enable dancers to reshape their bodies and calm and focus their minds, with spectacular results on and off stage. The technique is a tool to maintain a healthy, youthful body, a focused mind, a balanced emotional state, and avoid chronic injuries. It also promotes self esteem, and prolongs the ability not only to dance longer, but to live a richer and more satisfying life.

*If you choose to participate you will need a Yoga Mat.