Here is the video testimonial of Kabby Mitchell III.

Kabby Mitchel III

Here are some NDI College video testimonials.

NDI College

Here are the video testimonials from some of the parents & students.

Parents & Students

“Jehrin navigates the intricate internal connections of the dancer’s body with exceptional clarity. In her classes, guided repetition of imagery and thoughtful floor and standing exercises lead her students to improved alignment and movement efficiency. Repetition of these activities lay down pathways that the students can later follow on their own. Through her teaching, Jehrin makes intelligible and physically attainable the nuances of classical technique that would would otherwise be mysterious and frustrating to a dancer in training. I have seen the process and outcomes firsthand in the two summers I have traveled to study at her summer intensive. Her students progress rapidly and avoid (and even heal from) injuries that are common elsewhere.”

Jason Schadt


“The Northwest Dance Intensive was an incredible experience for me. It was the first intensive I had ever done seeing as how I’ve only been dancing about two years so I was nervous at first but it turned out to be an experience I will never forget. There was such high caliber in the training I received and in the choreography I learned. I learned a new, healthier technique that I hope to use in my own studio. I lived in the dorms and that added so much to the experience- meeting other dancers and creating friendships that will last a lifetime. I still can’t believe how much stronger my feet look and feel after the intensive. I gained new muscle tone in places that I had never realised were useful for dancers. If you are looking for an intensive with amazing teachers who really care about you, this one is perfect!”

Nicole G.


“I would encourage all dancers to consider attending Northwest Dance Intensive. Each of the faculty not only has world class teaching credentials, but also a passion for this art that drives excellence and creates magic. I left in great shape, with technique I didn’t plan on achieving.

To study with this faculty, to train with dancers from all over the world, to make so many friends and have so much fun while working so hard was an experience of a lifetime.

Much gratitude to the entire administration and to Jehrin Alexandria, who literally moved mountains to arrange this incredible experience.”

Suzette Madson


“I came to the Northwest Dance Intensive to experience and learn new things, to have different instructors and to open my eyes about ballet. I got all of this at the Northwest Dance Intensive.

I liked how there was a variety of dance classes there, it was really fun.

When Gelsey Kirkland came and taught class it was so amazing. To be able to study with someone who knows all about the world of ballet was such a treat. She is one of the most amazing dancers I have ever seen.

It was such a good experience and I learned so much. This was a good first time experience for me and I’ve improved a lot in how I perform and present my self as a result.

I can’t think of a thing to do that would improve anything at the intensive – it was just wonderful.”

Lillian A.


“The thing I liked best about the Northwest Dance Intensive was the teachers. They really cared. It was obvious they didn’t just come to teach a class, they cared about what we were learning. They took a lot of time explaining and helping dancers to be better.

Working with Elena was amazing – she really worked to help us be more present and improve the quality of our performance.

I would definitely tell my friends to go to the Intensive. I so enjoyed it, not only were the teachers great but the staff was really caring and nice.

When I got back from the Intensive my friends really noticed how different I looked. I have carried what I learned into my school classes and use all the wonderful warm-up exercises before class.

It was 100% amazing and I was privileged to be part of the Northwest Dance intensive.”

Gracie B.


“I really liked all the different types of instruction we got. I loved the variation, lots of choreography and technique classes. I also loved meeting so many great dancers. Everyone was really great.

The first class with Gelsey was so inspiring. The fact that she is still dancing and teaching was so inspirational to me. I felt so privileged to be getting instruction from her.

I would definitely recommend friends to go to the Intensive next year. All around it was a wonderful experience getting to meet new people, getting tons of instruction that will help you dance better. The teachers were not there to scold you but to help you and answer your questions – they were like friends as well as instructors. The Northwest Dance Intensive would be a good place to go for anyone interested in dancing.

Even though I already go to my school’s Intensive, going to another was beneficial.

At Northwest Dance Intensive I met new people and new instructors, all in a new venue. It pushed me to move past my comfort zone because I couldn’t do my same old routine. A new experience was great!

After the Intensive I actually started noticing how my turnout had changed. I thought I knew all I needed to know about it before I went, but after the Intensive I thought “oh, that’s what it is”.

I’ve always loved performing but this helped me go to the next level. All the different choreography that we did during the 2 weeks was amazing, and being able to rock it on performance day like we did was awesome! Especially with learning to express all the different feels for the dance styles we performed.

I am really glad that I decided to go. I was iffy for awhile, and wondered about the money, but it was really worth it.

I’m so glad I went. Any one thinking about going should not give it a second thoughts – its really worth it. Every bit of it was awesome.”

Emily P.


“The facilities were beautiful & the campus was very easy to find. The staff and teachers were so nice that the whole intensive had a very homey feel.

Nicole learned so much about strengthening exercises and foot care that she actually led a mini-workshop at her dance school when she got home!

We met a lot of great girls those 2 weeks and created friendships that are still going. I would definitely recommend Northwest Dance Intensive to dancers that haven’t been to an intensive before.”

Donna D.

Student’s Mother

“Last year was my first year going to any dance intensive and I didn’t know what to expect. Northwest Dance Intensive helped me improve my flaws more than ever. Unfortunately I had injured my foot a couple weeks before the intensive. The teachers definitely did not let this stop me from getting the full experience at NDi. I learned more in 3 weeks than I could ever imagine, such as the correct way to hold my body and how to use my muscles and lines correctly to improve my dancing.

My technique has been better than ever after taking class with Phillip and Jehrin. I have also learned from all of the teachers to be myself while i’m dancing and that it isn’t about the steps, but it’s about how you interpret the steps in your dancing. This is a life lesson I will cherish forever. They were so understanding of any problems or flaws anyone had. I made so many amazing friends and had a blast in the dorms as well. I cannot express how much I appreciate everyone there for making me a better dancer and a better person and I can not wait for next year!”

Gracie H.


“What I liked about the classes was that the teachers always took me from point A to B and I never left class feeling unaccomplished. I learned a lot about proper placement how to get emotion to show through on my face. The musical theater was fantastic.

If you’re looking for a ballet camp that will teach you a unique style along with jazz, musical theater, and lyrical, then this is a perfect fit. The technique that you learn is really good for injury prevention.”

Whittannie D.


“I have really enjoyed how in depth and detailed the classes have been. Each class I learned something that was so enriching for my technique. All the classes are very professional but at the same time very nurturing. I have really grown a lot as a dancer and a person these last three weeks!”

Carissa L.


“NDi has helped me broaden my horizon towards dancing and understand the Beamish Technique. I would love to come again!”

Adrian I.


“This intensive has given me the opportunity to make new friends and relationships with students and teachers. I’ve learned that proper alignment of muscles and bones can transform your body and will also allow your movement to be more free.

The technique that we have learned has allowed my body to be pushed to the max and my turns and turnout have improved. I would recommend this intensive to others because Philips technique is very detailed and can transform your dancing tremendously.”

Rianna L.


“NDI was a great and helpful experience. The classes were very intense, but persevering through them was very beneficial. My technique is so much better now and I’ve learned more about my body and movement that I didn’t know before.

Being able to dance in an environment where professionalism is emphasized, yet tolerance for everyone is abundant, makes for a great experience. I recommend NDI.”

Jonah H.


“Throughout this program my dancing has improved a lot with the help of Philip, Kabby, Jehrin, Becky, Maluhia, Deanna, and Dean. The teachers have been very encouraging and nice to me, which made the experience so much better. Thank you for this opportunity!”

Taylor R.


“I would recommend everyone who enjoys dance come to this intensive to better your dance technique.”

Alexia R.


“This was my first intensive and it was an amazing experience. I loved all of the teachers. I would definitely come again and recommend the intensive to every dancer I come across!”

Miriam P.


“It was such a pleasure to talk to you personally today. Even though at this point ​my daughter cannot attend due to scheduling…As a mom, who’s not a dancer, it is so refreshing to have my daughter go through an audition and feel encouraged and supported, rather than criticized, all while learning! It is so important to me to honor a child’s spirit and you do just that!”

Amy Anderson